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Giant Red Poppy

Dropping Inks Into Wet Shapes

Start your watercolour journey and paint your own unique and beautiful poppy. It’s 100% Free!


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My Loose, Juicy, Watercolour Techniques

Learn To Create Mystery

Embrace freedom and fun and discover the unique pleasures of painting with watercolour


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Colour Mixing With Vibration

How To Create That Magical Intense Colour

Learn how to capture the essence of colour and mix colours like a professional artist


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Japanese Brush Stroking

Creating Magic With The Flick Of A Brush

Create magic and mystery in your watercolours with just the flick of a brush


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Painting With Your Right Side

Mystery Flowers

Play with colour and create stunning art with the right side of your brain


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will learning art transform my life?

    Art can transform your life in many ways. Creativity into the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday modern life: an opportunity to unwind and focus on living in the present. In that way, it’s an ideal form of meditation and great for mindfulness! You’ll find positivity and happiness in learning to express yourself with colour.

    When students decide to join my classes, they often report that they find a greater purpose, feel a deeper sense of wellbeing and accomplishment, and have a chance to finally express their true selves.

    Often, this is their first time experiencing the right side of their brain, the intuitive, playful and creative side. Creating art can help open your eyes to the colours, textures, shapes and possibilities around you, and you’ll find that you appreciate the beauty in your everyday life and the world so much more.

  • How do you specifically encourage my artistic independence?

    My teaching methods focus on encouraging students to gain confidence and nurture their style as an individual artist. Each student is on a journey of self-discovery. I always encourage my students to go behind ‘creating a clone’ of my work and instead help them find ways to fall in love with their own subjects.

    They can then borrow my advanced watercolour techniques to bring their unique vision to life. In my classes, you’ll learn how to perceive the world as an artist and create something that reflects your distinct perspective. Your art will be a unique reflection of you!

  • When do your online classes start and finish?

    All of my online courses are instant access. This means that when you sign up, you receive immediate access to all classes and downloadables.

  • What are the advantages of an online instant access course?

    You have unlimited access forever and the lessons are completely self-paced. You have the freedom to replay the videos at any time. Each class provides the structure you need to practice with ease and gain confidence in your work.

  • How will I learn the techniques?

    Each online class consists of videos and easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll play, experiment and discover as you paint alongside me.

  • Will I have lifetime access to the courses I buy?

    Yes. Once you enrol, you’ll enjoy unlimited access forever. Feel free to return to the course whenever you like.

  • What makes your online classes unique?

    I have more than 40 years of art teaching experience, specialising in watercolour, acrylics, mixed media, pastels and crayons. I’m also the published author of the book, ‘The Art of Watering Colour’. In my online courses, I share all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained throughout my career as a professional artist. My classes cover many styles, mediums, genres and techniques — simply follow what captivates your interest!

    At the end of my courses, you’ll become a much more confident artist, comfortable with diverse art techniques. You can draw on these timeless techniques to create new artworks in your own distinctive style.


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