Art gives us a purpose, helps us live in the now, and opens endless possibilities for how we experience and engage with the world.” – Dianne Kelly

Meet the Artist

An accomplished Australian watercolour artist, art teacher and author, Dianne Kelly lives and breathes art. Her lively artistic career — which spans the realms of art, painting, textile and wallpaper design, fashion design, and illustration — is driven by an insatiable passion and curiosity for colour and design. 


As a professional artist, Di is especially drawn to working with watercolour and mixed media with oils, inks and pastels. As an art teacher, she is passionate about generously sharing her knowledge, creative techniques and discoveries with students to help them become artists in their own right. 


Emphasising design, composition and individual style, her online art classes nurture individual creative expression and a love for the artistic process. She describes her online classes as ‘adventures in risk-taking’ and a chance for students to ‘truly see colours for the first time’. 


Dianne Kelly first realised that art was her calling at the tender age of 3 years old. From the moment she could hold a brush or pencil in her hand, she felt compelled to play with colour and capture the world around her on canvas. In fact, she still has her very first watercolour painting!


In her early career, Di trained in commercial and fine art, working in advertising and design before pursuing her true passion for watercolour painting. Her artistic journey has taken many turns over the years, from creating original artworks and sculptures to teaching others how to embrace their inner artist. Her perpetual love of texture, pattern and fashion have inspired her to create her own fashion label, fabrics and wallpapers. 


Di has had several of her paintings published as limited edition prints and produced several ranges of gift cards featuring watercolour images from her overseas travels.

My Book On Watercolour Painting

Dianne Kelly is the author of the book, ‘The Art of Watering Colour’ (Boolarong Press), a helpful guide for budding watercolour artists. 

She wanted to write a book equally valuable to beginners who have never painted with watercolours before and experienced watercolourists who want to learn a few extra tricks to loosen up and enhance their existing techniques. 


In her book, you’ll find: 


Techniques and projects to help you lose your fear of painting with water and create magic in your work

Photographs showing real-life subjects, with examples of colour mixing, reflected light and how it all comes together

Detailed step by step instructions, handwritten on the actual subject

Step-by-step painting demonstrations

Fun projects to get your creativity flowing

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Every person has the ability to create art. Under the direction of a skilled and attentive teacher, your artistic talents can flourish. 

Curious to explore self-expression with watercolours and acrylics? In addition to my popular online classes, I offer monthly and weekly classes in-person in Brisbane.

Weekly Classes

Discover the artist within you with a short weekly class in watercolour, mixed media and acrylics. All of my weekly art classes have small class sizes to ensure you receive personal attention.

Locations: Brookfield, Brisbane (Thursdays), Teneriffe, Brisbane (Tuesdays)


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Learn new art skills at a relaxed pace with my monthly all-day classes in watercolour and acrylics.

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