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Giant Red Poppy

Dropping Inks Into Wet Shapes

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Start your watercolour journey and paint your own unique and beautiful poppy. It’s 100% Free!


My Loose, Juicy, Watercolour Techniques

Learn To Create Mystery

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Embrace freedom and fun and discover the unique pleasures of painting with watercolour


Colour Mixing With Vibration

How To Create That Magical Intense Colour

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Learn how to capture the essence of colour and mix colours like a professional artist


Japanese Brush Stroking

Creating Magic With The Flick Of A Brush

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Create magic and mystery in your watercolours with just the flick of a brush


Painting With Your Right Side

Mystery Flowers

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Play with colour and create stunning art with the right side of your brain


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Meet the artist

Artists will teach you to paint. I will teach you to become an artist.” – Dianne Kelly

Australian artist and art teacher Dianne Kelly has been lovingly honing her artistic craft for more than 40 years. Enthralled by the expressive power of art and design from a young age, she has created, taught and exhibited art throughout Australia and the world. She is also the published author of the book, ‘The Art of Watering Colour’ (Boolarong Press).

With a passion for all things art and colour, Di loves helping her students tap into their inner artist and express their creativity with confidence. She ardently believes that her role is that of a guide: to help her students become free-thinking artists in their own right.

In her classes, you’ll benefit from a wealth of knowledge and wisdom accumulated over her 40-year career as a celebrated artist, painter, textile designer, wallpaper designer, fashion illustrator and designer. Art is an ongoing journey, and she shares everything she knows and continues to learn about making art with watercolour, mixed media, oils, inks and pastels, as well as unique insights on how to unlock your creativity.

The most rewarding part of her role as a teacher? The joy she feels when students describe how her fun, warm teaching style has inspired them to trust their artistic instincts and more deeply appreciate the beauty, colour and art in their everyday lives.

Her classes focus on equipping students with useful techniques and learning to see and experience the world as an artist, so they can imprint their artworks with a unique style that represents who they are.

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Love Notes

See what my students are saying

Di is a wonderfully natural, inspiring art teacher. She is quick to praise her students’ work and instils confidence in them as aspiring artists.”

Christine Fegan


Her creativity and enthusiasm are an inspiration. She encourages you to develop your own style while providing lessons and skills.”

Robin Beveridge


Di never hems you in, but rather encourages you to explore your talents and abilities. She guides and teaches individually even in a class situation.”

Karin Harper

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